Student - May 22, 2020

Emergency fund for students and PhD’s now open

Albert Sikkema

Students and PhD candidates experiencing financial difficulties due to the corona crisis, can now apply for a supplement of a maximum of 5000 euros.


The university fund (UFW) has raised money through a crowdfunding initiative. The almost 65,000 euros that were raised are meant for students and PhD candidates in financial difficulties. The fund is available to students and PhD candidates without a contract with WUR, for example, sandwich PhDs and guest PhD students. There are cases of students no longer receiving grant money or a living allowance from their family because of the lockdown. PhD students without grants have been reported to experience financial difficulties in Wageningen.

Students and PhD candidates can now apply for financial support from the university fund through this website. The UFW expects to alleviate the problems of twenty to thirty Wageningen students.

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