News - August 26, 2009

Elsevier calls Vellinga climate change alarmist

Pier Vellinga is not happy to be nominated Holland's top climate change alarmist. 'Ridiculous...'

Pier Vellinga is the biggest climate alarmist in the Netherlands. That’s according to a feature on climate change in weekly current affairs magazine Elsevier. The Wageningen professor is number one in a top twenty of alarmists. His counterpart in the list of sceptics is former diplomat Hans Labohm. Vellinga is ‘not very happy’ with his nomination. ‘It’s absurd. Ridiculous. Funny way to present the problem. As if we’re all either alarmists or sceptics. What I think is that I have apparently made the issues so clear that I get to be at the top of the list.’ The list was drawn up by Elsevier journalist Simon Rozendaal. ‘We’ve been discussing this for twenty years. Elsevier takes quite an extreme position in the climate change debate. I’ve told Rozendaal several times that they are not doing society a service. So he had a bone to pick with me. Elsevier is very like GeenStijl. This is their way of presenting things too.’