News - September 27, 2016

Elsevier: Wageningen best Dutch university

Albert Sikkema

Wageningen is the best university in the Netherlands, states weekly Elsevier in its special issue titled Beste Studies (‘Best Study Programmes’) that will be published this Thursday. It is the first time the university is given this title by Elsevier. The reason: the judgement of the professors no longer plays a role in the ranking.

<Photo: last year’s Elsevier special>

Like last year, Elsevier judged nineteen Wageningen bachelor’s programmes. And just like last year, 12 out of these 19 programmes received a higher-than-average score, with none of the programmes receiving a negative judgement from the surveyed students. This sets the satisfaction score of Wageningen University to 63.2 percent. The Eindhoven University of Technology follows with a score of 54.5 percent, and third is Tilburg University at 23.8 percent.

Last year, Wageningen was not mentioned in Elsevier’s total ranking. At the time, the weekly magazine also asked professors which programme held their highest rating. Wageningen did not appear in this ‘faculty rating’ as too few Wageningen programmes are available nation-wide. This is why it was not possible to calculate a total score for Wageningen, explains editor Ruud Deijkers of Elsevier. However, Elsevier discontinued the faculty rating this year.

Another green school received the highest score among universities of applied sciences. The HAS University of Applied Sciences in Den Bosch scored an average of 70 percent among its ten programmes. Seven programmes received an above average score, the other three an average one.

It is also possible to receive a negative score in the Elsevier ranking. For example, VU Amsterdam is last among universities with a score of -29.2 percent; this is due to its many programmes that scored lower than the national average.