News - June 13, 2012

Ellen Marks reappointed at VHL

Ellen Marks will remain as managing director of Van Hall Larenstein. She is reappointed by the executive board for another four years. Her previous term ended at the beginning of this month.

In an Intranet message, Marks announced that she will improve cooperation in the years to come. 'We expect that employees who will take the initiative to examine how to work together within Wageningen UR, will do the same within VHL. This is because VHL, too, has to achieve more synergy. We believe that there is much to be gained.'
This message led employees in the applied sciences university to conclude that Marks has been reappointed. When asked during a meeting in Velp on 12 June as to why she did not announce her reappointment in a straightforward way, Marks replied that this is not the usual practice since she has a long-term work contract with VHL. Other directors also have similar contracts.
Next week, VHL staff will vote on the future of the applied sciences university within the joint set-up of Wageningen UR. An area of concern is the lack of confidence among employees for Ellen Marks. According to spokesperson Simon Vink, the executive board has expressed confidence in Marks because problems at Van Hall Larenstein are being looked into. The sound financial situation of VHL is another reason why the executive board has reappointed her.