News - September 10, 2015

Elevator Hoevestein fixed

Rob Ramaker

Both elevators of the student complex Hoevestein have been opened again. Tests show that the elevator that was previously out of order is safe again, says student housing cooperation Idealis.

The elevator in Hoevestein sometimes displays floor 19, but there are only 16 floors. Photo: Onnika van Oosterbosch

One and a half weeks ago the elevator was shut down after residents of the 16 story building got stuck in the elevator. Idealis got it fixed and tested the safety of the elevator for four days. The tests were all positive, says Corina van Dijk, spokeswoman for Idealis. Therefore, the elevators could be opened again. A mechanic will keep an eye on the safety in the coming weeks.

The shutdown led to irritations. Tom van Aalten, third years Landscape Architecture and Planning, started a petition where he asked Idealis for a sustainable long-term solution. In the comments various students replied with anecdotes of their experiences getting stuck or their annoyances with the elevator problems. Meanwhile the petition was signed fifty times.

Hoevestein has already had elevator problems for months now. Thorough renovation of the devices is only possible in December because some of the required components can only be delivered. On Tuesday the 15th of September an information evening has been organized about the problems. Residents are welcome between 17 and 18 o’clock in the bar Woeste Hoeve.

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