News - May 1, 2015

Elections student council: CSF

Linda van der Nat,Koen Guiking

Between 18 May and 22 May are the student council elections. Wiard Ligterink, master student Landscape architecture and spatial planning, is party leader for the Christian Student Party (CSF) at the upcoming student council elections. Resource asked him four questions.

What are to CSF the most important themes?

We see the university as a platform where people with different opinions and perspectives assemble. Equality is our top priority. A student having difficulties, should receive as much support as a student who studies easily. We believe that everyone should during their student life have the opportunity to develop a world view in which relationships between people and between people and their environment take centre stage. Especially respecting other people's opinions and perspectives and the equality of all are the main reasons to vote for us.

What will be your most important achievement in 2015/2016?

We find it very important that students who are lonely or who encounter problems during their student life are supported and helped. It would be nice if we could help students who experience difficulties, or, if they wish, to involve them more in student life.

What is your personal motivation to join the student council for a year?

I just finished a board year at VGSW (Association of Reformed Students in Wageningen.) And I find it very interesting to delve into policy and to think along with the university policy. Improving the university has my priority. Therefore, I was already involved in the start-up of CSF in 2014. My personal learning goal is to improve my English. Mainly my English writing could improve.

Are you satisfied with how the participation at Wageningen UR is regulated?

I believe that within Wageningen University we cannot complain about the power of the student council. However, the information about policy and finance should be more accessible to a ‘normal’ student.

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