News - January 20, 2016

Ebola prize

Albert Sikkema

The employees of the Central Veterinary Institute (CVI) who performed analyses in Ebola labs in Sierra Leone and Liberia in the past year, have been elected as Team of the Year of the Animal Sciences Group.

This concerns (from left to right) ) Bart Kooi, Arie Kant, Jet Kant, Annemieke Dinkla, Heleen Klos, Nancy Beerens and Evelien Kern. In 2015 they used their knowledge and expertise to help fight the Ebola epidemic.

The prize, which has been awarded since 2006, consists of a bronze statue for the team and for every person an engraved pen and 500 euro. Last week the world health organization announced that West-Africa was Ebola free, but in the meantime an infected person was hospitalized again in the north of Sierra Leone.