Student - June 1, 2015

Dropbox Haarweg for old things

Linda van der Nat

Students at the Haarweg who want to get rid of their old sofa, chair or closet, can since recently go to a Dropbox. In a small shed at the students complex, students can get rid of the belongings they no longer need. Other students can then take those for free.

The Dropbox is an initiative of DWARS! Wageningen, de Wageningen department of the youth association of GroenLinks. Board member Rosanne de Groot: ‘This was one of our ideas to make students complexes more sustainable. When students move they sometimes throw their furniture away while they are still in perfect shape. International students who go home, also leave closets and tables behind. Simultaneously students buy new furniture, for a lot of money. In the Dropbox students can leave their old sofas and chairs behind for free and other students can take them for free.’ The shed is meant for furniture, kitchen utensils and household accessories. Condition is that the things are still intact.

The experiment at the Haarweg lasts half a year. When the Dropbox is a success, also the students residents at the Marijkeweg and Binnenveld will get such a shed, tells Corina van Dijk from Idealis. ‘We liked the idea and it is easy to implement. Moreover it provides a grip for us to make sure that the corridors remain empty and the houses neat.’

There is a Facebook site of the Dropbox at the Haarweg, where students can announce what they have left behind.

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  • Corine

    Dit is echt een goed idee! Ik hoop dat het werkt!! :D