News - April 21, 2016

Dreijen artworks relocated

Roelof Kleis

Three artworks from the Dreijen compound have been moved to the campus. The stainless steel Portalen [gateways] by artist Tim Hoving will be placed to the north of the Bornsesteeg opposite Unifarm.


This seven-metre high artwork, which presided over the entrance to the Dreijen on the Generaal Foulkesweg, is now under restoration.

On the outer wall of the Biotechnion hangs the Keramische Band [Ceramic Band], a glazed bas-relief by Henk Tieman. The eighteen panels will be placed back to back near the pond in front on Zodiac. Tectona Grandis, the pillar of ‘slices’ of tree by Marinus Boezem, currently standing in front of the Biotechnion, will grace the lawn in front of the Restaurant of the Future.