News - November 25, 2009

Dow Energy Price for thesis by Environmental Technology

René Rozendal is awarded the Dow Energy Dissertation Price this afternoon. He received a sum of 5000 euros for his thesis on obtaining hydrogen from waste water.

Rozendal has developed a new technology to efficiently obtain hydrogen from waste water. His biocatalyzed electrolysis technique also purifies the waste water subsequently. According to a press release from Dow Energy, the patented method is very important internationally as well as nationally for waste water purification and also for hydrogen production.
Rozendal, currently employed at the University of Queensland in Australia, is doing research on a similar technology. He is happy with the award, which has come at the right time: 'This is of course a wonderful recognition for the work which I have done. The 5000 euros have actually been spent; I got married two weeks ago on the beach in Australia.'
Since Rozendaal is now working in Australia, minister Verhoeven of Economic Affairs presented the price to his promoter Cees Buisman today in The Hague.
The Dow Energy Dissertation Price is awarded once in two years upon nomination from the KNAW to PhD students who have made major contributions to sustainable developments in process technology.