Organisation - January 16, 2014

Dog’s best friend…

When I was on my way to Lidl, an old lady was shambling along the street with the help of a wheeled walker. To my great surprise there was a kind of cradle in that trolley with a little dog enjoying the ride.

An old saying: ‘a dog is a man’s best friend’. But who is a dog’s best friend? I think it’s the Dutch. Having lived here for more than one year, I feel Dutch people sometimes seem to love dogs more than they love themselves. You see dogs day and night and everywhere from private yards to   trains and parks. The Dutch are known to be keen on sports, and walking the dog must be one of their favourite forms of exercise. I have already gotten used to people walking their dogs late at night, although I am still scared by tall, lonely Dutchmen who silently watch their dog on a dark street.

In China too, we regard the dog as our best friend. We feed our dogs, walk them, talk with them, but you will never see people put their lovely dog in a cradle and take it shopping. Or walk their dog in the pouring rain, like I witnessed some days ago. I can safely say that the Dutch love of their dogs is more constant than the weather.

Xu Zhao, Chinese MSc student of Operation Research and Logistics