Organisation - September 9, 2016

Discover your campus

The Discover your campus campaign to draw attention to activities on campus was launched on Monday with a selfie campaign. A group of students drove around the campus in a yellow ‘instagram van’, inviting fellow students to take selfies and share them on Instagram with #CampusWUR.

A yellow ‘instagram van’ was driving around the campus on Monday. All part of the Discover your campus campaign.

The selfies will be used for the Discover campaign on the website of Wageningen University & Research, and on Facebook. They will also feature in the new activities calendar for the campus. The idea behind this ‘campus calendar’ is to help keep students and staff better informed about all that there is to do. From now on the print version will be available free from boxes all around the campus. The calendar can also be found on It is the first complete calendar for everything that goes on around the campus.