News - January 19, 2017

Disappointing turnout during sustainable film screening

Vincent Koperdraat

Wednesday night, about 30 people watched the film Premium Rush at Impulse. What stood out was that the screening was powered by four home trainers. The organisers of the event are dissatisfied with the turnout.

(Photo: Sven Menschel)

Event agency T!peaux had estimated the turnout at around 60 students, but only half of that number turned up. ‘It’s disappointing’, says Tim Horsting of T!peaux.

He does have an explanation for the meagre interest. ‘There were several film events that same night. The 30 hours Film Festival was on campus, and there was also a film night at the city living room THUIS.’

Despite the limited turnout, Horsting does see a sequel taking place. ‘The people who did turn up were very enthusiastic. Of course, it is a bit different than a "normal" film night. If people stop cycling, the power goes down.’

T!peaux organises several more events for Impulse in the near future. There will be performances by various artists during lunchtime on 24 January and 21 March (free of charge). And on 17 March, Lynn van Werkhoven and her band will appear.