News - April 4, 2019

Dijsselbloem chair of Supervisory Board

Albert Sikkema

Ex-minister of Finance Jeroen Dijsselbloem is succeeding Job Cohen as chair of WUR’s Supervisory Board. Minister of Education Ingrid van Engelshoven announced the appointment on Tuesday.

Dijsselbloem studied Agricultural Economics at Wageningen and worked as a civil servant in the ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality (LNV) before entering parliament in 2002 as a PvdA (Labour Party) member. Ten years later he became minister of Finance and a year after that, chair of the Eurogroup.  He lives in Wageningen.

Dijsselbloem became chair of the Supervisory Board on 1 April. This board advises the WUR Executive Board, assesses its policy and appoints its members. The Supervisory Board is made up of Tjarda Klimp (Akzo Nobel), Siem Korver, Berry Marttin, Robert Smith and Mariënne Verhoef. Cohen chaired the Board for six years.

The editors of Resource saw Dijsselbloem’s appointment coming. In number 10 of 17 January, we forecast it in the article, This will be the news in 2019 (see the picture below).