News - June 15, 2017

Design the greenhouse of the future

Roelof Kleis

Wageningen is going to brighten up the centennial celebrations with a Green Challenge. In this green contest, teams of students will design the urban greenhouse of the future.

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The Green Challenge is Wageningen’s answer to student competitions such as the World Solar Challenges and iGem. The first edition will get started this autumn, so that the first winners can be announced in the festive year 2018.


Urban farming

The assignment for the competing multidisciplinary teams is: design the ultimately sustainable urban greenhouse, making sure it draws in city residents. The new greenhouse should raise urban farming to new levels by combining sustainable energy generation with new concepts for producing healthy food in the city, says project coordinator Rio Pals.

Multidisciplinarity is central, says student Gijs Lysen (Economics and Policy, Business and Consumer Sciences). He is one of the driving forces behind the competition. ‘We are not just looking for technical solutions. It is also about how you make sure local people are involved with the urban greenhouse.'

Participating in the Green Challenge will take up six months of students’ time. Team registration opens in October. Information sessions will be held in Forum P0631 on 15, 20 and 22 June at 12.30.