Organisation - February 4, 2016

Delivering packages in Forum

Koen Guiking

Students and employees can soon have their (online) orders delivered on campus. On Wednesday 3 January lockers were placed in Forum, a Bringme Box, where the courier can leave packages behind.

Photo: The Bringme Box is installed.

‘It does not matter if you have ordered something at a web shop, or if you want to have a package delivered by a local dry cleaner’s’, says Robert Bosman from Bringme when he came to place the lockers. The only condition is that you must register as a user if you wish to receive or return packages. Everyone can deliver to the user, you do not have to be registered for that.

This is how it works: a Bringme-user places an order and gives the address of Forum; the courier puts the package in one of the boxes in Forum and fills in the name of the receiver on the touch screen; the receiver receives a message through an app that the product has been delivered and can collect it by opening the box with a personal code.

Moreover, with this system two students or employees can also leave packages for each other, Bosman explains. Convenient if you are not on campus at the same time, but want to give each other something.

‘And you can also use Bringme to return a package’, he says. Again this is convenient for the people and better for the environment, according to Bosman. Transport companies will only have to drive to one point to deliver and collect multiple packages. Which saves a lot of trips to different addresses where quite often nobody is home anyway. Enough reason for Wageningen UR to test out the concept for a year, explains Ludy Zeeuwen, location manager of Forum. For the users the service is free; Wageningen UR and Bringme have made agreements on the costs of the internet connected, secure package reception.

The lockers have now been placed in Forum. Registering and receiving packages will soon be possible. More information on the service will be shared in the coming weeks through internal communication channels of Wageningen UR.