News - October 6, 2010

Dear students,


I cycle to my work along the Bornsesteeg towards the Radix building nearly every day.
You cycle along there too to get to Forum. You assume everyone will be turning right to cross the wooden bridge, but that is not the case.

I have regularly had to brake because I was being carved up by someone turning onto the bridge or coming off the bridge who assumed without thinking that I must be with the crowd cycling to Forum. Last week it all went horribly wrong. I was hit from the left by someone turning right. I couldn't break my fall and crash-landed with my head hitting the tarmac. I'll spare you the bloody details but the CT scan at the hospital showed that I had been fortunate. If I'm lucky I will just be left with a Harry Potter scar once the stitches have been removed. I am now sitting at home with a head that would not look out of place in a Rambo film. The first aid people at Forum said this was the fourth accident there.
Red jacket
When you are lying on the tarmac, you are dependent on the people around you for first aid and an adequate response. An unknown student or member of staff came to my aid in the first few minutes and all I can remember is his red jacket. I am extremely grateful for your support. Many thanks, too, to the two first aid officers from Forum who were quickly on the scene and to my colleagues Frits and Hein for taking me to the hospital and assisting me there.
Look where you are going when cycling along the Bornsesteeg and allow for the other people using the road; the traffic situation there is complicated enough as it is.
Pieter van de Sanden, Team manager, Plant Research International