News - November 15, 2011

De Bongerd fitness area has reopened

The renovation work at De Bongerd is going smoothly. Yesterday the fitness area reopened after two weeks, although it was still freezing. The renovations are expected to be finished in January.

The stairs to the new fitness area were installed yesterday.
There were a few people exercising in De Bongerd around lunchtime yesterday. The old area had been closed for two weeks for the installation of wiring. The new wall is still open, which meant the exercisers were slogging away in their therma-fit tops. It will be sealed off today.

Henri ten Klooster, who runs De Bongerd, has kept the inconvenience to users to a minimum. 'I would like to pay a big compliment to our customers. We have had few complaints and they have been very flexible.' As many items of fitness equipment as possible are being kept available but even so, there are fewer than normal. 'There are fewer treadmills than normal, for instance, as they use up a lot of electricity.'
Some exercise machines are due for replacement. 'We've kept the bikes eighteen months longer so that we can replace everything in one go', explains Ten Klooster. 'Some of them are creaking and groaning but no-one has complained. But people don't always need to feel they are cycling up the Grebbeberg hill.'
Ten Klooster is particularly looking forward to the new spinning room. 'It will have screens so that you can go on a virtual cycling tour in South America, for instance. That is just the thing for Wageningeners.' In general, De Bongerd is targeting 'Generation Zap'. 'People want to experience and try out more things even if they have a standard exercise', says Ten Klooster. 'We are offering as many different kinds of sport as possible so that everyone can find something that suits them.'