Student - December 8, 2015

Dangerous temporary bike path Bongerd

Amy Jansen

The temporary alternative route for the bikes passing between Leeuwenborch and the campus is causing frustration and (near-) collisions. Especially on the dirt road through the bushes behind the sport hall of the Bongerd would be too narrow and poorly lit, which leads to accidents.

Fietspad langs de Bongerd. Foto: Remo Wormmeester

Bike path along the Bongerd. Photo: Remo Wormmeester

The alternative route is needed, because the second sport hall is built on the spot of the original bike path. But the narrow dirt road in the route is really dangerous, says a student that often uses the path. ‘I have regularly almost had bike accidents. Especially elderly people that are walking on the shell path from the tennis fields. They do not expect bikers from the other side and bikers do not expect them.’

Henri ten Klooster, manager of the sports centre the Bongerd, understands the frustration. ‘It is indeed not an optimal situation, but we are trying our best to keep a good and short connection between Leeuwenborch and the campus.’ For safety reasons ribbons and fences were placed and a 10 kilometre sign was placed to slow the bikers down, says Ten Klooster. ‘Unfortunately we cannot widen the dirt path, because that would require removal of trees which is not our intention.’ They are trying to arrange two extra lamps near the dirt path as soon as possible.

The situation will not take much longer, says Ten Klooster. At the end of Febuary the new sports hall should be ready. The whole terrain around it will be renovated, which includes the construction of a wide and well-lit bike path.

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  • Patrick Jansen

    Liever (ook) een volwaardig fietspad recht van de oversteek bij Hoevestein naar de campus. Dat kan tussen de sportvelden door, achter het clubhuis van de hockeyvereniging langs. Bij Hoevestein moet dan ook een betere ingang en oversteek komen.

  • Henk

    Die hekken vormen een gedeelte van het probleem aan het begin, al vaker studenten ook daar net een hekje zien meepakken

    Zsm duurt wel erg lang trouwens als je bedenkt hoelang dat paadje al gebruikt wordt als omleiding