Student - June 11, 2015

Coral reef students become second

Linda van der Nat

The four students who invented the plans to protect the coral reef in Thailand, became second in the student battle of the 1% club.

The winner was announced by the end of last week after the eight finalists had held a pitch, which was decisive for the win. Team Reefolution, as Martijn Visser, Joyce van Wijk, Bas Wolkenfelt and Justin Rijnberg call themselves, is disappointed. ‘It was really very exciting and according to the jury it was a photo finish between us and another team. Unfortunately, they eventually went away with the profits,’ says Martijn.

Nevertheless, the four can be satisfied: via crowdfunding they brought in the most money: 9600 euro. Money that will go to their project anyway. A Dutch social enterprise is going to start this summer, on a shoestring budget, to protect the marine life around the Thai island of Koh Tao. They do this by developing a kind of sculpture garden, made of recycled and locally available material. ‘We are proud that we can let go a lot of money to a good project. And besides, it was a great educational event.’

The four still doubt whether they will travel to Koh Tao. ‘They're going to try our idea anyway, but it would be cool to be there ourselves.’