Organisation - April 7, 2017

Coordinators of best courses put in the spotlights

Linda van der Nat

Rector Magnificus Arthur Mol presented the course coordinators of the thirty best assessed courses with the Education Award. The 31 course coordinators were given the highest rating by students for the content and shape of their courses.

Photo: Sven Menschel

Like last year, there were four award categories: introductory courses, advanced courses, special courses – such as capita selecta, and large courses that count more than four hundred students.

Tjeerd-Jan Stomph’s course Academic Consultancy Training was the unexpected winner in the latter category. The course, which is followed by 743 students this year, usually receives a lot of criticism from students. It is a complex, demanding and complicated course, said Mol. ‘The fact that this course was assessed so positively by students is not only thanks to the lecturers and experts, but also very much due to Stomph’s commitment throughout the year to make this course a success.’

The best introductory course was Forest Resources and Sustainable Management Systems, coordinated by Ute Sass-Klaassen, a teacher who has also been nominated for the Teacher of the Year Award on several occasions. Students appreciate the knowledge on all aspects of wood: how trees grow, how a forest arises and how it is maintained, and the use of wood. There was also an award for André van Lammeren, for his course ‘Reproduction of Plants’. Van Lammeren, who officially retired last year, still teaches practical courses.

The winner in the category of best advanced course was Food Quality Management Research Principles II, coordinated by Pieternel Luning, which thus won its first prize. The best special course was Marjan Wink’s Intuitive Intelligence.

This was the fourth time the Education Awards were presented. All laureates received a statuette of a seedling and 1000 euros to spend in education. The coordinators with the highest ratings received slightly larger statuettes.

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