News - December 26, 2017

Christmas far from home: We will do some shopping in Amsterdam

Madhura Rao

Christmas is here: the time that most people will celebrate with their families. However, it is not possible for everyone to be home for Christmas. Some people are abroad due to their studies and cannot make it back home to celebrate the holidays. Stephanie from Peru will visit the Dutch capital.

‘This isn’t my first Christmas away from home since I have studied abroad before', says Stephanie Barbachan, MSc student Food Quality Management, from Peru. 'This time around, I am very happy because my boyfriend is coming to Wageningen for the holidays and I will see him again after four long months! On Christmas Eve, we plan on staying here and having fun preparing a nice Christmas dinner the way it is done in our country. We will also visit the Christmas markets in Amsterdam and do some shopping.

In Peru, families usually gather on Christmas Eve to start the elaborate food preparation. There’s roast turkey and pork, accompanied by other delicious dishes. Also, there are several desserts like the traditional mazamorra morada made from peaches, strawberries, grapes and purple corn. I will definitely miss this amazing Christmas food.

Back at home on Christmas Eve, my whole family meets up at my grandparents’ home. It is nice because I do not see most of them often and we have so much to talk about! So during the holidays we spend time chatting, cooking, enjoying delicious food, decorating the house and watching Christmas movies together. Of course the house gets very noisy and crowded, but it is a lot of fun. That is what I will miss most.’

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