News - December 25, 2017

Christmas far from home: I will spend my winter break in a Swedish forest

Lotje Hogerzeil

Christmas is here: the time that most people will celebrate with their families. However, it is not possible for everyone to be home for Christmas. Some people are abroad due to their studies and cannot make it back home to celebrate the holidays. Fatima from Spain will visit her best friend in Sweden.

‘Already in September I was looking for flights. I have my last exam on the 22nd and I wanted to go home to Madrid on the 23rd. But ticket prices turned out to be sky high already. I told my best friend about it, and she wouldn't even let me finish my sentence: ‘COME HERE FOR CHRISTMAS!’ she answered. She will celebrate Christmas with her sister in Gothenburg, Sweden, and this was my chance. My friend’s sister, whom we are staying with, has a house right on the edge of the city. So I will spend my winter break in a magical Swedish forest, playing in the snow. My friend is half Swedish, half Iranian, so our Christmas dinner will be a fusion of these cuisines. Yum!

Of course my family was a little sad to hear I will not be there. Christmas is always a big thing for us, and I have never been away from home for this long, so it's a double disappointment. Luckily, my mum sent me a lot of treats from home to survive without the Spanish Christmas. Those will most likely be finished before I go to Sweden. But I'll bring stroopwafels instead.’

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