News - March 22, 2012

Chocolate Conundrum

It was a sunny afternoon and inspiration was lacking in our group's work until we stumbled upon an interesting news article. 'No more chocolate?' Charon gasped. I stared at the screen quite intrigued. What I read made sense but I had never thought about it before.

A researcher from the Mars company estimates that within the next 50 years there will no longer be enough cocoa to satisfy the needs of the ever growing population. This is a serious problem.
Being up-and-coming product developers, it will be our job to solve such problems - but not for another few years. I do know one thing though, and that is that for me chocolate is one of the best tasting and unhealthiest products on the market and I LOVE it.  
I leant back in my chair. Charon grinned, 'what would life be like without chocolate?' I sucked my stomach in. 'Implying something?' Surely the world only rotates because chocolate exists. I mean, how would I relax or celebrate?
That is what chocolate is for me, comfort food. I can live without it for months but once I start eating it, I become addicted. If it disappeared, I'd be very depressed for a long time.
I believe there are solutions but the consumer market is uncompromisingly against genetically modified organisms, without scientific debate. I am not saying I believe the future of food must lie in genetics but I do believe with the population expansion, something must be done to save our favourite foods.
'OUCH! What did you hit me for?' I exclaimed. 'You're daydreaming again. Now, integrate this article into the report', Charon ordered. I grumbled at my personal slave-driver but I can't regret it. That news article helped get a 9.1 for our group.