News - March 3, 2005

Chinese winners

The Wageningen delegation to a table tennis tournament for Chinese in the Netherlands brought home more than half of the prizes, Saturday 26 February in Rotterdam. The competition was organised by the Association for Chinese Scientists and Engineers (VCWI) for the second year. Table tennis is the national sport of China. The Wageningen team consisted of five men and five women, among them BSc, MSc, and PhD students and scientific staff. They played at two levels and in different combinations (team, singles, doubles and mixed doubles). In the end the group was overall winner, having won three of the four cups and 13 of the 24 possible medals. Best results were a second place for teams at the highest level, third place in the men’s singles at the highest level, fourth place in the ladies’ singles, and third place in the mixed doubles. Hai Guo, a visiting scientist at Plant Research, really enjoyed the day, although playing was painful because he’d sprained his ankle the day before the match. ‘The results show that Wageningen has a tight group.’ / YdH