News - September 20, 2011

Chinese celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival

Stands for tea ceremony, Erhu, embroidered handicrafts and martial art transformed the Bongerd into a Chinese traditional culture museum, last Friday night. ISOW and Chinese student assosciation CASSW celebrated the Chinese Mid-Autumn with 300 students.

Many non-Chinese students showed up and experienced the annual Chinese celebration. The Mid-Autumn, or Zhongqiu, Festival is one of the four main Chinese traditional festivals. It is for lunar worship and moon watching.

As estimated 300 students turned up for a free drink within the first hour. Besides watching all kinds of performances, the more curious students took a taste of the Mooncake, the traditional pastry eaten during this festival. 'I like the paste, but the egg inside is too salty', remarked a Dutch girl after her first bite of a Mooncake, which is made with a thick filling of lotus seed paste and contains yolks from salted duck eggs.
'I didn't expect it could turn out to be so great this year, much better than last year's one in the dim International Club,' said a Chinese, 'here is a better stage to show our culture.' However, a student from India offered a different view, 'I'm a bit disappointed; they could have done better. We come here to see something different, we expect more, such as the lion dance.' In brief, there is always space for improvement and next year's celebration could be even better.