News - October 30, 2019

Chile climate conference cancelled due to protests

Luuk Zegers

The Chilean president has cancelled the climate conference that was scheduled to take place in December. The sailors of Sail to the COP, including WUR-students and alumni, are ‘determined to keep on going to get our message out.’

Photo Aldo Allessie

The climate conference would take place from December 2 until December 13, but is cancelled due to the recent protests in Chili. At least fifteen people died during these protests against the policy of president Piñera, writes the NOS.

Sail to the COP wants to decrease the climate impact of travelling by taxing flying and promoting sustainable alternatives. In a reaction on their Facebook page, the sailors write: ‘As the news just got out, there are still a lot of uncertainties. What is sure is that we are determined to keep on going to get our message out and to make the change we've set sail for. They can cancel the COP, but they can't stop the movement!’

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