News - March 8, 2005

Cheap lunch

According to the student magazine of the University of Nijmegen, the canteens at Wageningen University are the cheapest in the country.

Wb decided to check this, and discovered that a lunch in Wageningen is relatively expensive. According to Vox a lunch in Wageningen consisting of an apple, soup, a cheese roll, coffee and milk costs 1.98 euros. Amsterdam is the most expensive, where the same lunch costs 2.85 euros. Wb’s detective work led to the conclusion, however, that it is pretty difficult to actually compile a similar lunch for the given amount here. The Vox study has soup for 50 eurocents, but this has been replaced in most canteens by a better soup, which also costs 50 cents more. Milk is also no longer available in a beaker, but comes in a carton that is 20 cents more expensive. According to Wb calculations a Wageningen lunch costs 2.77, pushing Wageningen up to second place in the list, if the rest of the calculations are correct.