Organisation - March 18, 2016

Chair groups move to Helix between May and July

Rob Ramaker

The new building Helix on the Wageningen campus will be delivered at the end of March. The completion was postponed several times due to problems with the air management system.

Last months they worked feverishly to solve the technical problems. The constructors seem to have succeeded, the facility company shares. An independent group is currently measuring if all the rooms are truly ready. The Agrotechnology & Food Sciences Group (AFSG) has enough confidence to set up a moving plan. 

The Biotechnion will be demolished in autumn.

Between mid-May and mid-July the eight chair groups of the university location the Dreijen will move to the campus. The chair groups Toxicology will be the first to move and Biophysics last. Only the NMR centre will move later. It is difficult to move expensive and delicate apparatus. The largest NMR device, suitable for entire plants, will remain until further notice at the Dreijen.

With this move the last research staff will disappear from  the Dreijen to campus. The fate of the buildings on the Dreijen varies widely. The Biotechnion will be demolished in autumn while the Computechnion is now used for student housing. Starting from September the Chemistry building will be used for education. Also the rest of the buildings, after a renovation, will function as education area for the increased student numbers.

At the start of February it became known that the delay and the technical problems resulted in a loss of 2.4 million euro. Wageningen UR is going to charge the constructors for most of it.