News - March 24, 2016

Ceres ‘bus week’ stopped after one day

The Ceres ‘bus week’ in which first-years are ‘kidnapped’ and dropped somewhere with no phone or wallet had to be called off after only one day. Drunken first-years were walking down the motorway and using an SOS phone box to call for help. After discussions with the police, Ceres decided to call off the event.

Photo: Lieve Bertha

Every year, Ceres organizes the famous ‘bus week’ in which the first-years are dropped somewhere and have to make their own way home. The student society has drawn up rules in consultation with the police that the members have to stick to, says Ceres president Jeffrey van den Born. ‘If they break those rules, sanctions will follow such as suspensions or community service.’

This time, first-years broke the rules on the very first day. The police received phone calls from drivers who had seen drunken students on the motorway. Van den Born: ‘The eight people concerned were a danger to themselves and others.’ The president is not happy that the ‘bus week’ has had to be cancelled. ‘But we have to take this decision if we are no longer able to guarantee everyone’s safety.’

The Ceres members who caused the problems are liable to get a suspension or community service. Talks have also been started with the police to evaluate the incident and see how the ‘bus week’ can be improved and made safer in future.