Organisation - January 26, 2017

Carpark at Radix should solve problem

Roelof Kleis

A two-storey carpark is planned at carpark number 1 at Radix, subject to the approval of the executive board. This will add 200 parking spaces to the number available on campus.

Photo: Guy Ackermans

There is considerable pressure on parking on the northern side of the campus. On a typical weekday, all the spaces are full from early in the morning. This has been the case for some time, but the pressure has increased since the opening of Helix, says Eise Ebbelink, head of Real estate at Facilities & Services.

The arrival of Unilever on campus costs parking spaces in the short term too. Ebbelink: ‘The carparks that we have there now, next to Plus Ultra, will go so we can build on that ground. Other carparks will replace them later, but only once construction is completed.’ In the short term parking needs will be met by building the multi-storey carpark at Radix, near the future northern entrance to the campus. The building will have three storeys of parking space, including the ground floor. The top floor will be open-air.

The new building is currently under design. It will have a green look, says Ebbelink, thanks to wall vegetation and/or the use of wood.’ The carpark’s walls will be parallel with those of Radix along the Droevendaalsesteeg, so the paths along that lane can continue to Axis.

Ebbelink hopes to get the green light from the executive board by the summer. Then building can start in the summer vacation, when the campus is least busy. The building will be under WUR management and parking will be free. The carpark complies with current planning permission so only an environmental permit is needed.