News - October 6, 2015

Campus definitely almost meatless Monday

Rob Ramaker

On Mondays the Wageningen Campus is definitely becoming almost meatless. Green Office and the caterers think that the test that started last May was a success.

Photo: The Dutch Weed Burger, a vegetarian burger made of seaweed / Lisette Kreischer

The Green Office is happy that Meatless Monday will continue. ‘We received a lot of reactions’, says initiator Anna Gelhausen from Green Office, ‘they were both positive and negative. ‘Eventually by using the Green Office questionnaire Gelhausen saw enough enthusiasm from the students and employees to continue.

Also the caterers are optimistic about the initiative. ‘Our sales have even slightly increased’, says Ron Nagtegaal, catering manager for Cormet who operates the canteen in Forum. Additionally, Nagtegaal is happy that they can contribute to a more sustainable world. ‘We fully support it.’ Cormet is experimenting with hamburgers made of oyster mushrooms and they are talking to the creators of the Dutch Weed Burger, a hamburger made of seaweed.

We received a lot of reactions and they were both positive and negative.
Anna Gelhausen

Nagtegaal also received a few negative reactions on Meatless Monday. ‘Guests thought that they were being forced to eat vegetarian meals’, says Nagtegaal. In the discussion Nagtegaal immediately makes it clear that this is not the case. The canteens are almost meatless, but also on Mondays it is still possible to buy meat kroket and two sandwiches with meat and fish. ‘Personally I would also not want to be forced.’ An initiative in Nijmwegen – where the campus became completely meat free – even caused national commotion.

Meatless Monday means that the canteens on Wageningen campus offer mainly vegetarian meals. This applies for warm meals and soup. There is also a wide choice of vegetarian snacks. But the choice of sandwiches with meat and fish will remain available. Also the typical Dutch frikadellen and kroketten will remain available, these are too popular to get rid of.