News - June 9, 2010

Campus culinair

The Dreijen, Chemistry Building

Lunch at the Chemistry Building
I am at: the Dreijen, a pleasant spot on top of the hill. You can feel the end approaching there, as big plans have been made for the area. Count yourself lucky if you are still able to study and lunch there at present. Just follow the crowd and it will take you to: the Chemistry Building.
I eat: broccoli and cauliflower soup, a panino with Brie and tomatoes, a Vietnamese spring roll and a small banana. Tasty fusion menu.
I taste: an authentic soup in which the addition of fresh crisp parsley takes it way above the Cup-a-Soup standard. The warm panino is finger-licking good. This aromatic bread roll with melted Brie dripping right down to your elbow is simply delicious! The spring roll, however, resembles a flop from an experiment by first year chemical students. If it could pass off as a fried banana, it might still make the grade, by hook or by crook. But that's not what it is.
I fell: almost in love with the friendly Albron ladies. They give the small canteen a relaxed and almost cosy atmosphere.
I find: that cosiness is under-appreciated. Albron will be Albron, so it's the details which make (or break). My stomach satisfied after seven euros, I cycle home happily. The Dreijen has made it.
Score: 7.5