News - February 29, 2016

Campus Run gives hope for Batavierenrace

Koen Guiking

‘I think that there is a medal possibility for the batavierenrace’, Martijn van der Vis concludes, satisfied after the Campus Run. ‘For both the men as woman they ran faster than recent years’, he shares, one of the organizers of the 5 kilometre run.

Campus Run 2016. Photo: Sven Menschel

Every year, during the Campus Run the athletics association Tartlétos searchers for runners that want to participate with the Batavierenrace on behalf of the WUR-team.

For that relay race, on 23 April 2016, they need 16 male and 9 female runners. Van der Vis: ‘Every year we succeed to put together a great team. But it is already four years ago that we last won a Batavierenrace and three years ago that we came third place. If I see the level of the Campus Run, I think that there is a medal possibility this year.’