News - July 7, 2012

Campus Plaza no longer such a long way off

Approval has been given to build student housing on campus immediately. Campus Plaza can therefore be ready in two years' time.

All along up to the start of this week, it had seemed that Campus Plaza would only be ready three years from now. So wrote the mayor and aldermen of Wageningen a month ago in a memo on student accommodation. Campus Plaza is the name of the construction project along the Bornsesteeg with 400 rooms and a number of small eateries and shops. Its development was initially tied to the academic year 2015-2016, to the indignation of Wageningen UR.
The municipal council then intervened to free the link to this date. Led by the Green Left party, the council submitted a motion this week to approve student housing construction immediately.  The motion was seconded by the Labour Party, Democrats 66 and the Christian Democratic Appeal. Simon Vink, spokesperson for Wageningen UR, is surprised and elated about this latest development. Vink says the board had on several occasions clearly said yes to student accommodation on the campus. The present motion re-confirms this.
It is now up to the Wageningen major and aldermen to implement the council's wish. If things move fast enough, Campus Plaza will be ready in two years' time, says Vink. 'We're in a hurry. We want to realize this as soon as possible. The need for student housing is increasing. Things can in fact move fast; just look at the building for Friesland Campina.' According to Vink, there is already a project developer for the construction; its name has not been announced yet.