Organisation - April 12, 2016

CSK food enrichment on campus

Roelof Kleis

The dairy company CSK Food Enrichment will move into Plus Ultra. The company will centre their research and sales department in Wageningen. CSK is renting almost half of the available space in Plus Ultra.

Earlier this week the real estate developer Kadans shared that they had found a large partner for Plus Ultra, which is thus CSK from Leeuwarden. CSK (a translated abbreviation for Cooperative Rennet- and Dye Factory) makes and develops ingredients for the production of cheese, butter and dairy. ‘In addition, this includes high quality ingredients such as rennet and bacterial cultures’, general manager Sanne Melles explains.

The international operating company (annual turnover of 60 million euro) has been around for a century and is located in Leeuwarden and Ede. A couple of years ago a new production plant was built in Leeuwarden. A research and development unit and a part of the production was accommodated in Ede. This last location will thus disappear. The researchers together with the commercial services will move to Plus Ultra. In total around 50 employees will start on campus.

Besides laboratories and offices, CSK also wants to build a pilot plant where new products can be tested. According to director Melles they have already had a long tradition of cooperation between Wageningen UR and CSK. The choice for the campus as location was obvious. CSK will fill almost half of the technohalls on the ground floor. The whole second floor and parts of the first floor are also for CSK.

But first still a whole lot needs to be built. Melles thinks that it will still take a year before they can move into the building. With the arrival of CSK 80 percent of the building has been filled. CSK is the second dairy company in the building. The Chinese dairy giant Yili previously announced that they will also move into Plus Ultra.