Student - August 17, 2018


Luuk Zegers

New surroundings always take some getting used to. So here’s a brief introduction to the four most important buildings on campus.

The Forum is what the Forum Romanum once was for ancient Rome — the heart of the campus. As solid as a castle from the outside, spacious on the inside with large plazas. You will find the library here along with cafes, teaching facilities, the WUR shop, study associations and lots more. An ideal place for working, studying and meeting up.

Orion III 2017.jpg

Orion is the most sustainable building on campus, as well as being a great place to chill out in student cafe The Spot — with table tennis! — or get a delicious bite to eat in the restaurant. A notable feature is the series of six lecture rooms that can also be combined to create a single huge lecture hall with seating for 750 people. The building’s name refers to the constellation Orion. That sounds rather more professional than the Great Bear.

Leeuwenborh II 2017.jpg

Leeuwenborch, or ‘Lebo’ (pronounced Lay-Bo) as students call it. This renovated building to the south of the campus houses the social sciences. There is also a branch of the library and a decent canteen. Leeuwenborch is the former name of the neighbourhood in which the building stands.

The grid structure on the outside of Atlas is not just for decoration: this structure holds the building up. Hence the name Atlas, the god who in Greek mythology had to hold up the sky on his shoulders. This is where you will find the university board and the Resource journalists — do drop in!


If you need to be in Gaia, Lumen or Radix and are getting a bit dizzy from all those abstract names, the Wageningen campus app will show you where to go, from Axis to Zodiac!