Student - March 27, 2014

Bunga bunga

The story so far: Bianca kissed Willem-Jan just to get rid of a pushy boy. But deep down, Willem-Jan fancies Bianca.

‘That Geert Wilders guy, unbelievable!’ cried Filippo. He was slouched on the sofa in front of the TV and zapping until he got to the news, where the PVV leader was giving an election speech.
Willem-Jan looked up crossly from his Donald Duck. ‘Wow Filippo, I didn’t know you could understand Dutch,’ he said half-heartedly.
‘I don’t,’ replied Filippo. He sat up straight, clearly looking to start a conversation. ‘Why do people believe him, he is ridiculous!’
Willem-Jan sighed. ‘Why do people believe Berlusconi, he’s ridiculous too!’
‘Yes, he is,’ laughed Filippo. ‘But he throws the best parties.’ He began to wiggle his hips on the sofa in a supposedly sensual fashion, his hands embracing an invisible female while he growled ‘bunga bunga’.
Willem-Jan burst out laughing.
‘Did you know,’ continued Filippo as he swayed his hips, ‘that Bianca has asked me to go to a party with her at KSV? I think she wants to bunga bunga with me.’ He gave a knowing wink.
Willem-Jan stopped laughing at once. He felt his cheeks redden.
‘W-why would you think that?’
‘She said she’d be wearing a bikini. What girl would do that if she wasn’t interested?’
Filippo didn’t seem to notice the stricken look on Willem-Jan’s face and he continued to move his hips as if he was already alone with Bianca on the dance floor. Or even worse, as if they were in bed together, sweaty, flushed from the alcohol and excited from having spent the whole evening in such close contact. Willem-Jan’s imagination ran wild. What did Bianca want with that greaseball when it was him she’d kissed recently? That must mean something even if she’d hardly spoken to him since? What the fuck did she think she was doing... He felt an irrational surge of anger.
‘What girl would do that?’ said Willem-Jan, repeating Filippo’s words. There was fury in his voice that made the Italian look up in alarm. ‘A slut would do that. Bianca is a slut. She has chlamydia, you know.’
Filippo looked at him in shock.
‘Dude...’ he stammered.

Willem-Jan realized Filippo wasn’t looking at him, he was looking behind him. Willem-Jan turned round and saw Bianca standing in the doorway with a stony glare in her eyes.