Student - November 26, 2015


Drinking coffee is part of a healthy diet. That’s what researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health claim. Up to five cups of the dark brew a day significantly reduces the chance of dying of cardiovascular diseases, type-2 diabetes and suicide, among other things. Do you drink more than five cups a day? No worries, it won’t make you any healthier, but it won’t do you any harm either. Curiously, it doesn’t matter whether there’s caffeine in your coffee or not.

Brew (2)

Pregnant woman should not drink coffee, says the Netherlands Nutrition Centre Foundation. Not true, say American researchers in the Journal of Epidemiology.  Moderate coffee consumption – 1 to 2 cups a day – during pregnancy has no effect on the behaviour, development or the IQ of the child between the ages of 4 and 7. As to what happens after that: see Brew (1).


Important news for people with a pet hamster. American research has shown that females are more aggressive in winter than in summer. All because of melatonin. Shorter days mean more melatonin. This hormonal change means more aggressive behaviour. Worth knowing: we humans are not far apart from hamsters, hormonally speaking. So, guys: bring her flowers sometimes in these dark days.


The bigger the female, the smaller the sperm; research by the University of Manchester asserts. It’s all about the race they are in. Which sperm will win first prize? The bigger the female reproductive canal the bigger the advantages of small size and large numbers. Fruit fly sperm, for instance, are around 35 times the size of human sperm. However, the fly does only have a few hundred of them. The average man has up to 100 million.