Student - January 24, 2014

Bornsesteeg targeted by intruders

Intruders on balconies of student residence Bornsesteeg have been causing anxiety among residents. The police have urged witness to report anything suspicious.

Whether they were peeping toms or burglars no one knows, but intruders of some kind were certainly sighted at student residence Bornsesteeg this week. This is clear from a number of reports on Facebook. Several residents saw two suspicious looking men creeping around the balconies of the Idealis block of flats. The pair went up to at least the 16th floor, probably by climbing up the fire escape.

Although several witnesses said on Facebook that they had seen the two men, the building caretaker Charles Boshoven only received one report from a resident. This was an international VHL student who has been living in Wageningen for over three years, and feels is becoming less and less safe. ‘It seems as though there are more and more suspect people creeping around the place you live in.’ Boshoven has reported the case to the police.


In the spring of 2013 it was the Idealis complex on the Haarweg which was targeted. The issue then was peeping toms who tried to see into female students’ rooms. This time the intruders aimed - literally - higher, taking more risk.

Police spokesman Frank de Valk has advised students to call the police as soon as they see anything suspicious. ‘Students are a vulnerable group because corridor and flat doors are often left open. Intruders are quite common. If you think there is something seriously wrong, you can always call 112. In other cases you can call the police’s general number: 0900-8844.’