News - November 14, 2013

Book swap

Linda van der Nat

Love reading but finished all your own books and can’t afford to buy new ones? No problem.

From Friday 15 November there will be a special bookcase in the library for the Bookswap Point, where students and staff can swap a book they’ve finished for another one.

The Bookswap Point is the initiative of Elisabeth Sohl, MSc student of Management, economics & consumer studies. For a course on Empowerment in sustainability, Elisabeth set up her own personal project. ‘I love reading but I couldn’t get fiction books in the library. I thought it would be sustainable to swap books after reading them. The people at the Forum library were enthusiastic from the start.

Elisabeth already has about 600 books in her swap collection. ‘My own as well as books from friends, colleagues, library staff and the paper container at Emmaus. The university donated about 500 books.’

It is a very mixed bag, says Elisabeth, with authors from Renate Dorrestein to John Grisham. ‘Something to suit all tastes.’