Student - June 5, 2018

Bollywood dances and Holi festivals with Indian Association

Luuk Zegers

There’s a new student association in town: the Indian Association. Resource spoke with the recently appointed chair Kaavya Raveendran. ‘We want to share India’s rich culture with the people here and help Indians feel more at home in Wageningen.’

© Indian Association

The association was established during the celebrations of Holi, also known as the Festival of Colours, last April. During the festival, dancing and singing celebrators throw coloured powders on each other.

Meant for everyone
Although all members originate from India, the association is not merely looking inward, says Raveendran. ‘Many of the hundred participants to our Holi event were internationals from other countries.’ The Indian Association also collaborates with other associations. ‘We recently organised an Indian Kitchen together with IxESN at K.S.V. Franciscus, where we prepared Indian meals for students. People can also watch cricket and Bollywood films with us, and we will soon provide a Bollywood dance course together with ISOW.’

The powder for the Holi festival. © Indian Association

Cultural differences
The significant cultural differences cause people who just arrived from India to the Netherlands to have a difficult time, Raveendran says. The Indian Association wants to welcome new Indians in Wageningen and help them integrate. ‘Indians who live here can explain the cultural differences to the newcomers and help them deal with them. We also organise special days for members, where Indian alumni tell about PhD and career opportunities.’

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