News - March 13, 2008

Board pleased with reorganisation

The Executive Board is satisfied with the results of the Focus 2006 reorganisation and regards it as a financial success.

The possibility of compulsory redundancies meant that many superfluous members of staff quickly started to look for a new job. As a result, the reorganisation progressed more quickly than previous slimming-down operations, according to the evaluation report that the Executive Board sent to the Central Employees’ Council this week.

In the end the reorganisation led to the disappearance of 896 jobs, many more than the planned 758. This resulted in annual savings of 54 million euros. Together with the 15 million savings elsewhere, a total annual budget reduction 69 million euros has been achieved, 9 million more than expected. Focus 2006 cost 55 million euros, a non-recurring cost.

Of the 153 candidates for a job transfer, 67 took voluntary redundancy, 48 found another job within Wageningen UR and 31 were made redundant. A solution is still being sought for 7 people.