News - November 18, 2009

Board member Martin Jansen leaves VHL

Jansen has been in charge of operations since 2004. A search has begun for a temporary replacement.

Martin Jansen, Director of Operations and member of the Board of Management at Van Hall Larenstein (VHL), is leaving the applied sciences university from 1 December.
  In his own words, it's time for a new environment. He joined VHL in 2004 after four years as a business unit manager in Applied Plant Research (PPO).
'I've been with Wageningen UR for ten years. The work has been fine and engaging, but I realize that there can be more. I have never stayed longer than three to five years in one position. What I want to achieve does not exactly go hand in hand with what is needed for the applied sciences university. Moreover, it's good to have someone else look at the situation anew. I sometimes come across issues being brought up now which I have encountered four years ago.'
  Jansen is fully engaged  in getting another job. He does not want to reveal what this is now, except that he will again be involved in the green living environment,  and this will be in the non-profit sector or the government.
  Jansen realizes that the rather abrupt news of his departure has taken many employees in the applied sciences university by surprise. He says there is really no point in announcing this departure way ahead. 'If you say you're going, you should really go.'
  According to the applied sciences university director Ellen Marks, everything will be done to find a temporary replacement before 1 December. She says that the expertise and dedication of Jansen will be missed.