News - January 22, 2014

Blog: Pointless acts of rebelliousness

I’d love to tell you some of the cross cultural gossip I overheard last night, but I promised my floor mates not to relay their stories about sex in this blog. I shall keep my promise as a pointless act of rebelliousness against the sensational use of such topics in the media.

By the way, I do not see much pointless rebelliousness around the campus. It would be great to witness more!

When I have some idle time, I think of how I may start the fire alarm in Orion, stick a ‘DEFECT’ note on the door of every toilet at Forum, not open my book in an open book exam. Or spoil the good-bye ceremony of Aalt Dijkhuizen by dyeing the punch with methylene blue, and tell everyone - 'It’s just genetically modified, not dangerous!' - with an angel face. How much more exciting it would be if each WUR student, just once, would realise any of these aimlessly disobedient pranks. By the way, some guy should pee over the fence at the Monsanto division. Wait—it might be electrified. Check on that, because I do not want to be responsible for casualties, just for pointless acts of rebelliousness.

But what about my promise? Speaking about sex is among the cheapest strategies to gain attention or to make some money, so it may be worth my while to tell you all I heard, sit back and enjoy the effects. If I maintain some discretion, however, there will be domestic peace and some platanos fritos for me to eat tomorrow night. Both are kind of priceless, thus, I am sorry, you’ll have to gather your gossip somewhere else.

Post scriptum. Last Wednesday in the Italian city of Rieti a nun gave birth. According to her own declaration, the pregnancy occurred by unknown causes. Some already call it a miracle. The child weighted over 3kg, was named Francesco after the Pope and the saint. In Italy the news has gone largely undiscussed, so I wanted to dignify it here, as a pointless act of rebelliousness.