News - August 27, 2015

Blog: New faces, new Wageningen

Wageningen is lively and colourful again, with lots of new faces. Just a month ago, it was quite silent and I recognized most of the faces around me. I would wave at every person I passed and ask what is going on.

Since my friends have gone back to their countries, I do not recognize many people on the streets anymore. All I see are new faces. There is one common characteristic of these freshers. They have the same enthusiasm that I had when I came here two years back. For instance, the curiosity to get to know new people, and new places. They are getting used to biking as a major means of travel, hanging around in groups with their AID friends.

Every time I step outside, I feel too old to make my way towards the cheerful shouts and noises and to look for the curious eyes of these new Wageningen students. Perhaps because I am almost going back to Nepal.

What I can say about my stay in Wageningen is that this place has also made me realize a ‘new me’. In the beginning I wondered how I was going to survive this hard life in a place where people are so individualistic and rude. Now, I see a complete turn in my perception. I have known myself more by being individualistic. The rudeness I hated before was actually the honesty. When things are clear, you don’t waste time beating around the bush and there is no need for hypocrisy. I am so grateful for these two years that Wageningen has given me: a variety of experiences.

Here is a message for the newcomers. Everything is possible, so do not give up. Studying can be hard at first. But do not forget to relax with your friends. The weather here can be unpredictable but it should not be an excuse for the effort you put in. Finally, every minute matters in The Netherlands, so don’t be surprised if you have any appointments at 1.32pm. The Dutch are sharp with time. I have also learnt the importance of time by now.

This was Mary’s last blog for Resource. She graduated today and is flying back to Nepal tomorrow.