News - December 1, 2016

Blog: Murphy's Law

Leonardo Medina Santa Cruz

Blogger Leonardo asks his fellow scholars to endure an overwhelming student life.

Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

Your roommate will throw a party the night your paper’s due. The deadline will be 30 minutes away, with 3 pages yet to be written, not counting the literature. The joyful shouts of drunken people and the extremely loud music, enjoyable under more inspiring circumstances, will make you loathe every single person there.

You will be tempted to murder your teammates. It’ll happen in every meeting: listening to one of them ramble on about seemingly insignificant details, in nearly incomprehensible prose.

You will hate the weather. On Sunday morning, that one day you actually get to relax and forget about those damn grades, right when you were planning an uplifting bike trip around Wageningen, you will wake up to a dark, foggy and ominously cloudy day.

You will feel lonely. You’ll miss your parents, your brothers and sisters, your friends. That anxious feeling of being cut-off from the people you love won’t go away overnight. And the time difference won’t help, either.

You will miss Saturday morning tacos, dancing banda, the posadas; you’ll miss whatever it is you do back home.

You will feel rejected. That girl you like so much, the one that’s making you fail because you just can’t stop looking at her during lectures (my god, she’s pretty!), will barely notice you.

Your computer will update right before your deadline. When late for a lecture, the bike racks will be full. The coffee machine will be broken. You will set the alarm for 6 p.m. instead of 6 a.m. You will forget about that assignment. You will get ill right before the exam. You will forget your calculator.

You will feel like quitting. But wait! Don’t.

It’s all worth it.