News - March 8, 2016

Blog: Cycling poetry

I love cycling every day, and biking culture is the one thing I wish I could take with me to Lithuania. (That and vla!) But it is not as easy as it looks when the Dutch people are doing it. I present to you my very bumpy daily ride to university (and back).

Haarweg – The tiny cute horses are back in their enclosure – a real sign of Spring!

Marijkeweg – So my bike does this weird thing. I can feel it with my soles right now, but I wouldn’t know how to explain it at the bike shop. Last thing I need is my pedals falling down. Again.

Van Uvenweg – Holy..! I swear, I know all these bumps by heart. Only the rain adds an occasional random element.

Kennedyweg – How does my brain know how to turn? Like, I don’t even realise that I’m making a movement and we’re turning. It just happens. Must be magic.

Tarthorst – So I still have to read that last article before the tutorial later… Turn, careful, car… Where was I? Presentation, I start with my conclusion… And then I still need to reply to that email…

Churchillweg – Running late. And everyone’s on their way to 8.30 classes. Crowd sweeps me up and takes over control… Just don’t forget to break and watch your sides.

Bornsesteeg – [loud breathing noises]

Campus – Emerging from the crowd, I love watching the others zoom to Forum or Orion or elsewhere. It still amuses me. Cycling, cycling everywhere. Park, lock, check, leave.

The way back...

Bornsesteeg – It looks like the end of the world here. And Buienradar lied, it is bloody raining! In my face. Because of course it is.

Akkermaalsbos – Hello, how are you? It’s so typical of me to talk about myself I’m sorry… HELLO FROM THE OUTSIDE!!!...

Dijkgraaf – Someone’s in front of you, stop singing, stop singing!

Nijenoord Allee – Why would they complain about cycling though, it’s in their blood. The Dutch never step off their bikes puffed and sweaty. So tall, so blond, so graceful. So not fair.

Kortenoord Allee – Just a little bit more, almost home, dar truputį, jau visai nebetoli, come on! Stupid wind, stupid wind, stupid wind!!!

Marijkeweg – [loud cursing]

Haarweg – And yet, when I’m away, I keep dreaming about cycling. Really weird.