News - December 18, 2013

Blog: An open letter to the chairman/woman

Here's a sentence no student ever said: ‘I really want a desk job, so I can sit on my arse all day long.’

Caught in the crushing guts of yet another study week, I can't help but smile at the fact that this is exactly what we all ended up with. With our backs bent, we force condensed knowledge into our busting brains, hoping for a bright future (I know that I do). We explore the potential of our human back for quality of grades. Our greatest ally in this battle is a most mysterious person: the chairman/woman! He, or she, is responsible for picking the best chairs for the best university in the Netherlands. Though, I am wondering what he/she bases his/her decisions on.

If I take a long, hard look at the newest generation of seats in the Orion, I would say it is the amount of buttons. Fiddling around under my buttocks to find out what every one of the fifteen buttons does, is definitely fun but it rarely makes me sit comfortably. And armrests – let alone adjustable ones – are a completely useless feature if you ask me, unless you are a granddad next to the fireplace.

I study at the Forum every day and I think it is a great place but I am wondering if the honourable chairman/woman had better things to do when he/she picked these chairs. They have just one button, fair enough, but they only fit under the desk on the lowest setting. What's the use of having an adjustable chair, if you can't adjust it? The chair leaves everyone above 1,70 in a slouched, weird position.

So, in case you read this, dear chair-man/woman: I know you give your very best to provide us with good bum-rests but maybe the choice of chairs should be democratic, since it is such an essential part of our daily, sedentary lives.

I do bow to your previous efforts.

Yours sincerely,