News - February 11, 2016

Disputes commission hears students and uni

Linda van der Nat

On 4 February, Wageningen University and the Student Council faced one another in front of the National Disputes Commission. The issue: whether the Student Council was being unreasonable in rejecting the university’s proposed new FOS scheme.

Photo: Linda van der Nat

The Executive Board and Student Council have been arguing for months about the size of the Financial Compensation for Students (FOS), intended for students on committees. Wageningen UR has offered 320 euros a month, but the Student Council thinks this is not enough. There will no longer be a supplementary grant in the new scheme and the council fears that this will affect the number of students willing to spend a year doing committee work.

Another disputed issue is the public transport payments for social science Master’s students. The university does not want to compensate them for their public transport pass in the second year. The Student Council says that is not fair as students doing a recognized two-year Master’s do get that compensation. The commission seemed to support the Student Council’s position. ‘In the old situation, you gave these students the basic grant as compensation,’ said the chairman to the rector, Arthur Mol. ‘So it will be cheaper for you if you now just pay for the public transport pass instead.’

Its ruling is expected in March.

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